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[poem] Beastly Moon

At the last full moon,
so stinging,
we cried and howled and seethed
with all our might
and I grew claws,
quite startlingly,
and sharper, fiercer teeth.

It felt like fire
when I assumed the beast.

I then heard my voice snarl
from deep inside my throat.
I dropped to the ground on all fours
and from there I could smell
the earth
and I could sense
the deepest rumblings
from afar,
and when I cried out,
it sounded quite loudly
as a roar.

As my bones and hips shifted
to be closer to the ground,
I sensed a tingling in my spine
with a loud and cracking sound.

Did you see the burst of flame
from which I came
as I emerged in beastly form
with all my might
from the center of this wicked storm?

And oh, how I turned wild
when I became this beast.

But now I like the feel of it,
finding much comfort alone
in the darkest confines of space
in my newly discovered cave.

And I will protect this place
with all my might
and I will jump to defend
should any fool dare to enter here,
be warned:
my instinct is now
to tear off your head,
rip out your heart,
and eat you alive.

As I devour
my most dangerous prey,
my darkest demons inside,
and the sun made of gold,
the lion within
is now awake
and alive
and I will defend
my blackened heart
will all my might.

(c) Bethany Moore 2016