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[poem] After Benny

After Benny

The moon has waxed full
and waned again only twice
since your spirit left this land.

And twice or more did I summon you
through my howling tears.
In mourning, I invoked you
to join me as a ghost
in my mind and in my bed.

You haunted my heart with delight
for nearly twenty years in life,
and I worshipped you wildly,
prayed to you in your absence,
crafting you into a god in the flesh.

You were indeed much like the moon,
how you brought light and mystery
in the darkness,
and then faded again,
revealing the vastness beyond.

I will endure yet another dozen years
of climbing this mountain made
of your ashes
and I will howl wildly for you
at the summit,
whether the moon is full
or faded.

I will wait for you there, and
one day, we would say,
you will meet me there
at the top of the sky.

by Bethany Moore
May 28th, 2016