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[Poetry] Inert Eruption

Inert Eruption

I remember the springtime of chaos and change,
and nature was abuzz and thrilling but yet
too wild for even me.

By summer, the ground began to rumble and the air
became thinner, the pressure and noise
crept up steadily through my veins and nerves,
the sound of cracking and breaking
rang back and forth, burning in my ears.

And then came the wave of searing heat;
it struck with salty lightning and insult
that smacked me down, heart to ground,
fist crashing, face bashing,
and if you had heard the sound
I released from my mouth that hour,
that was the volcano erupting,
in the walls of my heart,
contained behind closed doors,
pouring a black hole of lava on the floor,
that could finally consume me whole,
and I did dive in.

Bethany Moore, 2014